‘Wines That Rock’ are perfect for a music lover

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I’m willing to admit that I often buy wine based entirely on the label. If you’re like me, then you really can’t do better Wines That Rock.


Colin Joliat

Normally when I think of music and alcohol together it’s hammering Redbull & Vodkas and grinding on strangers. Maybe you prefer double-fisting frozen kamikaze shots and dancing with the devil. In either case, the music aspect is meant to fuel the environment. That couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to Wines That Rock. Instead of music inspiring us to drink, the rock ‘n’ roll greats inspired the alcohol itself.

Guided by band notes, Rock ‘N Roll Winemaker Mark Beaman, immerses himself with the sounds and visuals of the legendary bands, striving to absorb the vibe of the music and contemplating how to translate it all into a bottle of wine. Each win created is a reflection and interpretation of the music itself, right down to the grapes that are selected to make each varietal and blend.

What the company lacks in sentence structure is more than made up for by quality of wine. I tried a couple different albums, and they far exceeded my expectations. I’m always concerned with unique products that they will end up being nothing more than a gimmick or novelty. That’s not the case here. You could slap a fancy Napa label on these bottles and be convinced you were drinking wine that costs far more than the $15 price tag these carry.

I can talk about how good these grown up grape juices are, but the real allure is the fact that they’re bad ass. Who doesn’t want to drink Grateful Dead “Steal You Face” red blend, Rolling Stones “Forty Licks” Merlot, Pink Floyd “Dark Side of the Moon” Cabernet, The Police “Synchronicity” red blend, and Woodstock Chardonnay. You can find them in 16 states, or just order online like it’s the 21st century.

Wines That Rock

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