With grape pop and vodka comes Grape Expectations

by 8 years ago

Grape pop is a childhood favorite, but it does very little to appease the adult desire for intoxication. Alie and George changed that with their new cocktail called Grape Expectations. And yeah, I call it pop. Deal with it.

I love a good root beer float, but a grape float with vodka sounds even better. And I’m with the ladies. The words all natural, organic, 100% mad4realz, roofie-free, and artificial sweeteners should never show up on a bottle of grape pop. If they do, I don’t want it. I’m not trying to get my 5 daily servings; I’m trying to get deliciously drunk. If there’s one thing the mentally challenged juggalos do right, it’s consuming excessive amounts of Faygo and booze.

Wait, what was that about Mr. Cucumber, Alie?

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