Woman allegedly attempts to extort breast implants after a minor car accident

Go big or go home. If what police allege about Deborah Yi is correct, she was living that mantra on two fronts.

deborah yi


A Boston lawyer claims that he brushed up against Yi with his car in the South Boston area and she said she wasn’t hurt.

But later, the lawyer claims Yi called the man and said she wouldn’t press criminal charges against him if he gave her $7,000 to help her pay for breast implant surgery.

Yi, 24, was arrested when police put a wire on the man she allegedly attempted to blackmail stopped by to give her part of her requested payment. She was caught on the recording accepting the money and then demanding another $3,500 in the next day in order to prevent criminal charges being filed.

Police claim that Yi admitted to the crime and that she knew extortion was wrong but thought it’d be a good way to make some easy money.

Yi told WBZ-TV in Boston that “it was all a big joke.”

Well you know what’s not a big joke, Deborah Yi? Talking about getting breast implants and not following through. I don’t care how many phony car accidents you need to get into, I expect you to be rocking a completely disproportionate set of DDs by July. Just lay down in the middle of the road like that movie The Program. It isn’t rocket science.