Woman has sex with 16-year-old because he ‘expressed interest’

by 6 years ago

Is it that easy if you’re trying to get it in with an older woman? If we’re to believe the allegations lobbed against Stacey DeLong, yes. Yes it is.

shelly delong

Marion County Sheriff

Marion County, Fla. police say that DeLong, 37, was taken into custody after they received a tip that she’d had unlawful sex with a minor.

DeLong was brought in for questioning shortly thereafter.

Detectives claim that DeLong admitted she had sex with the 16-year-old boy on June 23, 2013 because he “expressed interest in her.”

The age of consent in Florida is 18-years-old. Sadly, it doesn’t provide exceptions when underaged people express interest.

I’m not saying that Stacey DeLong is a looker or anything but that’s really all it took for this kid to get in her probably oversized bloomers? Why did no one ever tell me that? If I had known I should take all of my dating tips from construction workers, my life would have been in a much simpler place.