Woman makes her daughter cry over lizard bought from pet store

by 6 years ago

2013 Parenting in a Nut Shell: Let’s make my child cry on camera in a tearful message to a lizard she says is her daughter’s best friend even though it was bought by a San Francisco 49er after being in a pet store for years so she can go viral!

The upload message:

“Imogen, age 4, has for the last several years weekly visited Egor (the monitor lizard) at Pets and More in Campbell, CA. When we stopped by this afternoon, she was devastated to learn that Egor had been purchased by a SF 49er. She never got to say goodbye – she says he was her best friend, and she’s hoping this message will find its way to Egor so that he’ll know how much she loves and misses him.”

If she was your daughter’s best friend and they had the lizard for years, maybe you could have just bought the lizard? And maybe you can stop trying to prod your daughter to cry like she’s a celebrity talking about a traumatic incident on a Barbara Walters interview? This is just annoying.

Anyway, if you’re the San Francisco 49er who owns this lizard, feel free to bring the lizard by to say hi to Imogen and hopefully spit acid like one of the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park at the mother.

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