Woman’s plan to get engaged includes making 300 sandwiches for her boyfriend

by 7 years ago

If this chick’s plan to get engaged works, prepare to get buried in sandwiches by the special gal in your life.

sandwich fiance

NY Post

NY Post writer Stephanie Smith chronicled her quest to get engaged with her boyfriend, Eric, saying that she’s just 124 sandwiches away from her goal.

The classic love story began when Eric ate a sandwich that Smith made for him. Try to avoid your body getting covered in goosebumps reading this:

“Eric devoured the sandwich as if it were a five-star meal, diving in with large, eager bites. ‘Babes, this is delicious!’ he exclaimed.

“As he finished that last bite, he made an unexpected declaration of how much he loved me and that sandwich: ‘Honey, you’re 300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring!’

“I paused.

“Was our happily ever after as simple as making him a few sandwiches?”

Smith says that sandwiches are greater showings of love in Eric’s eyes than hugs, kisses, or sex.

Smith’s sandwiches range in level of difficulty; she’s made everything from Banh Mi sandwiches to cream cheese and peach sandwiches to hit her requirement for that sweet rock.

Each sandwich made was featured on Smith’s blog, 300Sandwiches.com.

This would be a much less charming story if her boyfriend preferred blumpkins to peanut butter and jelly.