Women’s mag nails it with article on “how to look like you haven’t been crying”

by 6 years ago

If only Guyism were keeping it as real as Elle. This article with beauty tips for women to help them look like they haven’t been crying is straight heat.

elle crying


According to Elle, it all comes down to four basic steps:

1) Clean the tears off your face.
2) Cool down the area around your eyes to keep them from getting irritated
3) Use some concealer to cover up the redness
4) Put on some mascara to get your eyes back to pre-waterworks form

Of course, Elle also recommends $115 worth of beauty products to help along the way. No one ever said crying in public and embarrassing us all was easy, ladies.

I can’t possibly compete with Elle here, but these are my tips for what to do if you’re a man crying in public:

1) Be a man
2) Optional: Buy a set of sterilized latex gloves and excuse yourself to the bathroom. Carefully used your gloved hand to remove the sand from your vagina

Happy to help.

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