7 of the worst marriage proposal fails of all-time

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Worst Marriage Proposal Fails

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You’ve got a great girl. You want to spend the rest of your life with her. You’re just positive that if you ask her to marry you she’ll be crying tears of joy as she says yes. But are you 100% sure? Swimmer Matt Grievers was when he proposed on the medal stand at the Missouri Grand Prix on Saturday. That being said, it’s a question you might want to consider before you end up like these 7 men who very publicly humiliated themselves.

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7 Radio Killed the Marriage Proposal
Here’s a clever idea. Ask the morning zoo DJ to call your girlfriend with the intention of getting her to marry you. One caveat though: make damn sure you can hear what the craaaazzy DJ is actually saying to your woman on the phone.

6 No Gooooooallll!
Okay, so we’ve determined that using radio to ask your lady to marry you is a bad idea. Going on a nationally televised football and rugby show should be much better since you can actually do the asking yourself, right? Note: it doesn’t help if you tell her to “just say yes” when she hesitates.

5 You Want Fries with That?
So radio was a bad idea. Going on TV didn’t work. Let’s take it down a notch and go somewhere where thousands aren’t going to be watching, just in case. Somewhere romantic. Like say, a mall food court. No one’s filming this, right?

4 Airball
Maybe the mood wasn’t right at the food court. Go figure. Hey, how about at a sporting event? Mid-court at a Houston Rockets basketball game is perfect. No way she can say no in front of thousands of people, right? What’s that? The announcer says just once he’d like to see the girl say no after one of these proposals? Uh oh.

3 JumboFail
Professional basketball game, what was that guy thinking? A college game makes way more sense. And just do it in the crowd not at center court so not everybody can see you. What do you mean the whole stadium is watching? What’s a JumboTron?

2 Solid Contact
Basketball games were just a bad idea. No one’s in the mood for marriage at a basketball game. Baseball games are where it’s at. All the running, throwing, and hitting. Perfect. And make sure it’s not on a JumboTron so not everybody can see it. Wait a second, she’s not supposed to be the one doing the hitting is she?

1 Encore! Encore!
Okay, radio = bad. TV = bad. Food courts = bad. Basketball games = bad. Baseball games = bad. What’s left? How about at a concert? Perfect. Women love music. It puts them in a good mood, right? The crowd will be totally into it, egging her on. Here we go…

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