Worthless human being Jerry Sandusky sentenced to 30-60 years in prison

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Our job here on Guyism is fairly simple. Make people laugh, entertain the masses and offer some relief from their monotonous work week. Occasionally, we have to delve into things of a serious nature, like worthless human beings named Jerry Sandusky. Today, that pedophile was given 30-60 years of prison for child sex abuse.

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My first thought was, “wow, that doesn’t seem like a harsh enough sentence.”

My second thought was, “damn, I hope he gets shanked in prison.”

Is that cruel of me? Perhaps. One day I’m sure I’ll have to answer to a higher being for wishing death on someone. But right now, I don’t feel bad. Not in the least.

The evidence against Sandusky was overwhelming, having occurred over several decades with at least 10 different victims. Victims who have yet to recover from repeated rapes, molestation and overall mind-fuckery.

I use that last, somewhat crude term for a reason. Sandusky preyed on kids who were in need of help. Kids who came to ‘The Second Mile’ for guidance, for a father figure, for somebody to hang out with. And he stripped their innocence away. He stripped them of their ability to trust others, whether in love or friendship.

It’s a shame our judicial system looked at this and said, well, here’s three years for every victim. Three years for every life you’ve ruined.

Yes, I understand the sentence is arbitrary given Sandusky’s age but to that I respond, who cares. If it’s arbitrary then give him hundreds of years. Ensure he never escapes the darkness of a cell and the hell on earth that is prison.

Because if he’s not going to get shanked, then he deserves to spend every waking moment without happiness. A black hole if you will. A hole full of “shit-smelling foulness I can’t even imagine.
Or maybe I just don’t want to.”

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