Would you pay $11,111 for a perfect cup of coffee?

by 8 years ago

Because the Internet exists, and we live in a culture of constant innovation and sleep deprivation, there are people who take coffee and caffeine very, very, very seriously.

Blossom One

Blossom One

How seriously do they take the brown liquid of work engagement?

So seriously that some people are will to part with most of the cost of a new car for the perfect coffee maker. One with a modem in it that you still have to hand operate.

The Blossom One Coffee Maker costs $11,111 and is in some ways the weirdest gadget I’ve found pretty much ever. This was designed by industrial engineers who’ve worked with Tesla Motors, Apple, and NASA. To be fair, it’s designed mostly for high-end professional kitchens, but it’s still got some… odd touches.

For example, the fact that the press is hand-operated. And that everything about the machine is completely modular, so you can switch out each part as you need to. Or the fact that it has a WiFi modem and a camera so you can scan coffee recipes.

In short, it is a ridiculously elaborate French press. Before starting with this one, though, might I recommend starting with a French press from Bed Bath and Beyond, which costs ten bucks?

Blossom One [Official Site]

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