Xbox Live now has WatchESPN for all your sports needs

by 6 years ago

One of the ongoing, and stranger, things happening to game consoles is the fact that they’re slowly but surely turning into cable boxes. A case in point would be the Xbox 360’s ESPN offerings, which just finally went from half-assed app to full offering.



There is, unfortunately, a catch.

First, the good stuff. WatchESPN lets you, well, watch ESPN. All of it. You can choose specific teams and sports and it will feed you highlights throughout the day, and of course you can just watch the games or World’s Strongest Man if that’s your taste. There’s also split-screen, a live scoreboard you can pull up any time, and constantly updating newsfeeds at the bottom of the screen.

So, that catch. It’d be nice to have this if you don’t want cable but unfortunately, to have the cable channel on the app? You need to actually have ESPN.

Also, it’s not clear whether you can DVR games on your 360, making this app a compromise.

Eventually we’ll be able to just pay for the stuff we want, but until then, this app makes a decent compromise. Unless you don’t want cable, then you’re paying for the Season Ticket.

ESPN [Xbox 360]

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