XRY phone cracking system shows just how weak smartphones are

by 7 years ago

So…think you’re all set on the cellphone front? It’s totally secure and nobody can get at your data, right?

XRYHeh, wrong. Very, very, painfully wrong. How wrong? Meet the XRY, a device sold to police departments that can crack your phone in under two minutes.

The XRY is actually pretty neat, once you get past the whole “creepy Big Brother,” “cops can just crack your phone and poke around if they feel like it,” vibe. You simply plug the phone into the hub, and it starts evaluating the OS. Once it figures out the OS, it’ll jailbreak the phone to create some weaknesses and get at the login screen.

From there, it’s basically a matter of math. For example, the iPhone has a four digit PIN…but that’s only 10,000 combinations of numbers. A computer like the XRY can grind through that in a minute or less. And once it does, your data is available for the world to see.

If you’re uncomfortable about this, though, ironically the government has your back: just use the NSA’s version of Android.

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