Yes, ‘Black Ops II’ just came out, and yes, it’s super glitchy

by 6 years ago

Come on, you don’t actually expect a highly anticipated, big budget, militaristic first person shooter to not be riddled with bugs on day one, do you?

So Call of Duty: Black Ops II is finally here, as pretty much everyone knows. Including your boss, who totally knows the real reason why you called out sick. Anyhow, not surprisingly, the game is filled with all kinds of wacky bugs.

The first batch (of many, I’m willing to bet) is courtesy of Kotaku. While nothing here is quite as creepy as the Battlefield 3 Beta crawl glitch, at least not yet, but at least there’s the Jesus glitch…

And to be honest, I have no idea what’s happening here, but it features a Scottish guy losing his sh*t, I and find Scottish accents funny, so hopefully you will as well…

Finally we have something that’s not so much as a glitch, but a royal mistake nonetheless; many people who purchased the PC version came home to discover that disc two was for an entirely different game. Mass Effect 2 to be exact…

Given that both games are from totally different publishers, the only plausible reason is that there was a major screw up at the plant that puts these games together. So Treyarch might be guilty of cutting corners with their game, but they’re totally Scott free here.

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