Yet another reason why you never throw away a video game

by 6 years ago

Because that old and crusty piece of crap video game title from your attic (or closet, or storage bin) might be worth $30,000.

Has it been many years after the fact, yet you’re still pissed at your mom for throwing out relics from your childhood? Well, now you have yet another piece of ammo in your arsenal.

Polygon has the entire story, which involves a dude who was an assistant manager of a drug store that used to sell video games. He was presented one that frankly sucked, and which was sent to the attic, where it laid low for years.

Then he saw the same game mentioned on a blog that takes about rare Atari games and knew that he had gold in his hads. Air Raid is a thoroughly remarkable title that had a very limited run and was the sole product of publisher Men-A-Vision. What a name huh? Which are all the ingredients necessary to make something super valuable.

The game was placed on an auction site that specialized in rare Atari games. Bidding began at just $1 yesterday; it’s currently now at the $17,850.00 dollar mark, and is expected to top the $30,000 mark when all is said and done.

So what’s the moral of the story? The crappier the game, the more you should hold onto it and take care of it? Maybe.

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