You need to fund this ‘Airwolf’ documentary

by 6 years ago


Let’s all dig deep and make this thing happen. If you were a child of the 80s, you remember Airwolf. Debuting in 1984, it chronicled the adventures of pilot Stringfellow Hawke, unforgettably played by Jan-Michael Vincent, and his super badass helicopter. Working for a secret branch of the CIA known as “The Firm,” Hawke flies all over the world messing up suckers with Airwolf’s advanced weapons systems. The first season of the show was actually remarkably dark, with the U.S. government portrayed as an antagonist – quite a brave stance in the Reagan 80s – but network executives progressively watered it down until CBS cancelled it. The USA network picked it up for a fourth and final season with a totally new cast, but pitiful budgets meant the new Airwolf wasn’t long for this world.

Why am I telling you all this? Because a team of documentary filmmakers are working on a three-hour movie about the story of Airwolf and they need a little extra money to get the thing finished. Their Indiegogo page is here, and as of press time they’re more than halfway there. Long-time fan Martin Grant spent over a month traveling the U.S.A, interviewing over 40 cast and crewmembers and assembling some truly awesome footage. Now they need a little more cast to travel to Canada and talk to the production company responsible for the show’s bizarre fourth season.

I don’t know about you, but I want to see this movie happen. These guys are so serious about Airwolf, and you know weird documentaries by obsessed fans are always awesome. They only need a couple grand to finish the job. Let’s make this chopper fly one more time. Here’s the original Airwolf intro to get you in the spirit.

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