YouTuber Shoenice releases the worst rap song ever

Shoenice is best known for eating glue and chugging vodka, but he had a reversal of fortune with his first attempt at rapping. I give you the Shoenice Rap Song, which is such word vomit that it doesn’t even have a title.

“Here’s a little somethin’ fresh and new. Last thing I’ll say is, thaaaank yooou.” I don’t want to be too deep because I’m not a music critic, but that isn’t fresh or new. He has ended more than 300 videos that way. Shoenice rapping reminds me of John Lajoie’s MC Vagina if he wasn’t funny. It’s similar that old white guy who wants to criticize rapping by showing how anyone can do it and then fails miserably. The only difference is that Shoenice has a larger well of stupid shit he’s done from which to pull lyrics.

Shoenice is the man, but he needs to stick to doing what he does best.