‘Zombie Playground’ might be a Kickstarter worth funding

by 7 years ago

At this point it takes a lot for any video game related Kickstarter to truly stand out. Thankfully, in the case of Zombie Playground, it has a decent premise, some killer concept, plus more.


The concept is simple: you’re a kid who must take down zombies that have infested your elementary school. You’ll be fighting alongside school chums, who are other players online, and your arsenal will include toys plus random junk found in class and the like.

Actually, it might be a bit more complicated than that; the game’s creators keep saying it’s “a zombie apocalypse as seen through his or her imagination.” Honestly not sure what that means. So is there no actual undead infestation, or one is happening, which the kids are viewing in some other manner?

And there isn’t even any actual game footage as of yet. Which makes sense, since that’s the point of the Kickstarter: to raise money to make the game in the first place. But the concept art that is being used is simply fantastic, and if the final product will be able to match up, then it’s sure to be a home run.

But the reason why I’m personally excited is because it’s sounding an awful like an updated version of Zombies Ate My Neighbors, one of my all time fave games from back in the day. Granted, if that was indeed the case, they would have stated as such, since what zombie loving video game maker worth their salt doesn’t know about that 16-bit classic?

Anyhow, fingers crossed. To donate, simply click here.

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