Zonkey created when zebra jumps fence and rapes donkey

A zebra’s out there raping donkeys and nobody seems to care. I believe this is what Bob Costas meant when he spoke about the “decline of western civilization.” Ippo the zonkey is a result of some non-consensual lovemaking in the fields of Florence, Italy.

Apparently, a horny male zebra jumped a protective fence, found the nearest female donkey and went to town. Ippo came out some time later.



Everyone thinks this story is adorable. They’re all like, “hey, did you see that cute little donkey with the stripes on its legs?” Oh yea, nevermind the fact that some poor donkey got bent over a fence post by some zebra schlong.

Seriously, donkeys want to mate with other donkeys. I don’t know any personally but that’s what Jesus said. It’s in the Bible. Next to the part where he said it was ok to eat pigs. By the way, thank you Jesus. My July’s are so much cooler with hot dogs. Suck it vegetarians.

But back to zebra’s raping donkeys. Stop it. Not cool.

When I turn on Nat Geo next time, I’ll root for the lion to fuck your world up. Rapists!

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