Zynga axes 5% of its staff during Apple’s keynote

by 8 years ago

As if everyone needed yet another reason to hate Zynga, the makers of FarmVille. Well, we now have another. A fairly big one at that.


You know Zynga, right? They were once the darling of the video game space, the next big thing. This was before it was discovered that the social gaming craze was proven to be a total sham, of course.

There are plenty of other reasons why Zynga is so vociferously hated. Like how they blatantly rip off other, smaller game makers. But now we have a new one. And it’s huge.

Yesterday, they quietly announced that they were getting rid of 5% of their workforce. This includes the total dismantling of their Boston studio, along with layoffs in Austin and Chicago, with plenty more to come.

Okay, so people got the axe, that’s hardly news. Happens all the time unfortunately, especially in the video game industry these days. But it’s the timing that has everyone so upset.

Zynga’s CEO, Mark Pincus, thought it would be a good idea to pull the trigger yesterday during Apple’s iPad Mini unveiling. Why? Because he thought no one would notice. Seriously. He is that much of a dumb ass.

His company has a history of buying developers who are successful in their own right, then forcing them to make drivel, which naturally is unsuccessful, and are thusly are discarded like yesterday’s trash. That’s business, but it still sucks.

But to do so in such a shady manner, not thinking it’ll make the news, is a new low. Hopefully those who are let go will eventually find gainful employment elsewhere, where they won’t be forced to rip off designs.

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