Every bite you take, every crumb you bake, I’ll be watching you

by 4 years ago

Just about every pet owner is all to familiar with that feeling of making food, eating food, or holding food, when you just know that there’s a set of eyes glued to you.


In my house I can’t eat anything that smells of deli meats, or bread, or cheese without our big ‘ol dopey Bernese Mountain Dog coming to sit at my fee and put on her puppy dog eyes, whilst she drools on my knees not realizing what she’s doing.

It’s part of being a dog owner, and we not only accept it, we come to love it. That’s why this Vine is perfect in every way possible.


Combined GIFs: because sometimes two GIFs are better than one

Someone needs to tell this adorable dog that he’s not a human being


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