A UK Voter Drew A Super Detailed Penis On Their Election Ballot, Of Course It Counted

Amidst Parliamentary elections across England last Thursaday, one constituent voted for a member of parliament, whether they meant to or not. Whatever it was that prompted the voter to draw a detailed rendering of a penis next to Conservative MP Glyn Davies’ name, it doesn’t matter; he appreciates the vote, because it counted for him nonetheless!

Some night. Lib Dems threw the entire kitchen furniture at Montgomeryshire. It missed. First time the Conservatives have…

Posted by Glyn Davies on Thursday, May 7, 2015

You have to love Davies’ attitude, right? Taking all the votes he get, not giving a damn about how they come across the polls. And it seems like some irony of British humor that the constituent’s vote did wind up counting, because some kind of basic logic indicates that by drawing the phallic symbol, their intentions were probably the opposite of an endorsement.

Of course, the British tabloids loved Davies’ response.


Per his Facebook page, Davies’ shared the election results, which showed the penis vote wasn’t a necessity for victory, but Glyn appreciates it either way.

Should report on the detail of the General Election result in Montgomeryshire.Glyn Davies, Conservative, 15,204 -…

Posted by Glyn Davies on Sunday, May 10, 2015

Can’t knock the hustle. And did you notice the voting turnout was just over 69-percent!? I’m sure Glyn Davies is thrilled to still be reigning incumbent over Montgomeryshire today. Dick jokes and British politics, a match made in heaven.

[h/t Mashable]

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