10 Gifts That Women Think Are Blow Job Worthy, By Tasha Reign

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Let’s start with something easy and work our way up to more elaborate goodies, shall we? I want to clarify: I give head for fun, and so will your girl. BUT remember – it’s always nice to give back, after you’ve had an orgasm from having her go down on you.

1. Flowers. This is kind of a no-brainer, right? Just ask her (or some of her friends) what her favorite flowers are. Get her a bouquet, or even just one flower, and then get one of your own favorites. Mix them together – it’ll show the “mixing” is exactly what you plan on doing for her and with her.

2. Chocolates. This is the key to MY heart – I am always hungry for milky chocolates from See’s Candies. Plus, they’re an aphrodisiac and they totally get me in the mood to bang! I always feel feminine while eating them, and then I get horny. It’s the perfect combo!

3. Photo album / Photo collage / Photo collection. Any one of these options is a cute choice for you to do for her. All you have to do is hunt down the best photos of her, of you, of you both together, friends, and family, and create a thoughtful little album or arrangement for her. I love the idea of you putting your thoughtful efforts into something. It won’t cost a ton of money either – and it’ll drive the point home about how you’re always thinking about her in a way that’s romantic and not creepy. Note: this will seem stalker-ish if you’re not her lover, so keep that in mind…

4. Perfume / Lotion / Body stuff. These are always safe and easy gift choices, because you can’t really go wrong with things that smell good. Not only will she love the gifts, but she’ll also feel all fresh and yummy, which will make you want her even more. Nothing feels better then being scrubbed down and lotioned up after a bath, or spritzed with some scents that you want to eat – literally.  My favorite scent FYI – Vanilla.

5. Lingerie. I don’t think I need to explain why this is a good idea for you and for her. But just in case you do, women feel appreciated when they are positively reinforced sexually and intimately. What’s more intimate than lingerie? It’s something you two can enjoy, and it’ll send the message that she looks hot in bedroom sex kitten wear. Just make sure you choose pieces to flatter her body type!

6. Jewelry. This also goes without saying, but to me it symbolizes something in the relationship that has more meaning then any of the other items listed above. As much as I would love it every day and for every blow job I give… I think this is more of something you want to wait on, if you have been seeing each other for a while or feel strongly about the woman.  It pre-curses some more serious jewelry down the line so feel free to start off with something more casual!  Maybe a cute pair of earrings.

7. SHOES! I love shoes, especially high heels. Women, in general, love shoes, because (1) they’ll always look great in them, and (2) it’s just in our nature. It actually gives me an advantage, height wise, which adds a feeling of confidence and control. Don’t you want me in a pair of heels when I’m giving you a blow job?

8. Sweat pants and lounge wear. Surprisingly, these are what I personally would want out of this whole list. Why? I think it shows your girl how, no matter what she wears, she’s still adorable and you like her comfortable and being herself.  Not every girl is like this, but I certainly am!

9. Gift card to the spa / nail salon / tanning salon. Who doesn’t like to be pampered and catered to? All girls love being pampered. That’s because we all want to look and feel our best. These little trips to enhance our outer beauty will also affect our inner beauty.

10. Sex toys. Oh yes – why NOT surprise her with something to pleasure herself and her tight pussy? It’s fun for her, for you, and for you both as a couple. When you’re away, she can play with herself and think of you. Regular masturbation can ultimately result in both guys and girls becoming more sexual, too. So go to your local adult toy store, and check them out – personally, I enjoy using different variations of “Rabbit” style vibes, though your girl may like something else. Experiment!


Love, Tasha

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