10 Great ‘Minute to Win It’-Inspired Drinking Games (Part 2)

by 8 years ago

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Ping Tic Tac Toe

What You Need: 1 Partner; ping pong balls; 9 Solo cups. 

Set Up: Arrange cups in a 3 x 3 box.

Challenge: Players toss a ping pong ball into a grid of cups; must make 3 in a row. A cross between Beer Pong and Tic Tac Toe.


What You Need: 3 full beers; table

Challenge: Player drinks enough beer from each of 3 cans to be able to balance cans on their beveled edges. 

Double Trouble

What You Need: 2 ping pong balls; 2 Solo cups

Challenge: Using one hand, player throws 2 ping pong balls into two separate cups. Each missed throw results in a drink.

Whipper Snapper

What You Need: 1 towel; 1 ping pong ball; 1 full Solo cup

Set Up: Affix towel to the floor, set up full cup on table.

Challenge: Player must use towel stuck to the floor to whip ping pong ball into Solo cup of beer, then chug the beer. Repeat three times.

Mouth to Mouth

What You Need: 1 dollar bill (or similar piece of paper); 2 empty bottles

Set Up: Place dollar bill between 2 bottles that are stacked mouth to mouth

Challenge: Player must pull the dollar bill from between two bottles without making them fall. If the bottles fall, chug.

Click here to see the first 5 “Minute to Win It”-inspired drinking games…

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