The 10 Greatest Prank Videos of 2012

by 6 years ago

10. Carmelo Anthony Posing as a Wax Statue

“If I were famous, I would do this once a week. Seriously. I would have the staff at Madame Tussauds telling me that they didn't want me there anymore after asking to do the prank for the 24th time.” – Andy Moore


9. Creepy Stranger Holding Hands In Public

“Maybe it's just an East Coast thing about personal space, but I'm not sure how he pulled this off without getting his ass kicked.” – Brandon Wenerd


8. Switching Songs on a DJ Prank

“This DJ was goin' HAM in the booth, until he suddenly wasn't.” – Robb Stark


7. Random Bro Pretends to Be a Celebrity in Times Square 

“On July 27, 21-year-old New Yorker Brett Cohen convinced New York's busiest intersection that he was famous. And he pulled off this wildly successful prank despite not really looking like any one celebrity. He hired body guards, “paparazzi,” and hangers-on, and hundreds of tourists fell for it.” 

“Ah, mass hysteria. Where would human nature be without it?” – Andy Moore


6. Faking a Mexican Accent for an Entire Semester

“Jose Barrientos enrolled in a Speech 101 Class, where he decided to conduct all of his presentations in a mexican accent. He waited until his final class presentation to reveal his real voice. The resulting reactions are just as illuminating as they are hilarious.” – Robb Stark


5. Venice Beach Buried Treasure Prank

“These Bros filled an old treasure chest with $100 worth of that chocolate that looks like gold coins, drove to Venice Beach, and buried it at 2 a.m. They later returned in the light of day with a metal detector to dig it up, acting like they were making the discovery of the century.” – Reggie Noble


4. Jimmy Kimmel ‘Unplugging the TV’ Super Bowl Prank 

“I'm not sure if Jimmy Kimmel intended to have his viewers commit murder on their spouses, but that clearly was a possible byproduct of his last stunt.” – Ted Williams’ Head


3. Pretend Zombie Prank, During the “Zombie Apocalypse”

“Execution is crucial in a prank like this, and Zdorovetskiy deserves some real credit for sticking to his craft. He's got the cockeyed walk, the unpredictable movements, and of course, the noises. He straight up kills it with the noises.” – Robb Stark


2. The Internet Sends Pitbull to Kodiak, Alaska

It started as a hilarious prank by two comedians.

Then, Internet dreams came true.

Finally, after visiting on July 30th, this tremendous tribute video was made:

In conclusion, Pitbull is actually pretty cool.


1. Nightmarishly Creepy Elevator Prank

“As we watch from our Macbook and HP ivory towers, we may view this with a bit of a snark. But imagine being in that elevator and have that shit happen to you? No one is not coming out of there scarred for life. I don't care if you once saw someone get murdered point blank as a six year old on the way to soccer practice. Actually I do sort of care, that is horrible, and I hope you've channeled such a shitty experience into something a lot less shitty. But in terms of traumatizing, this is on a pretty exceptional level.” – Robb Stark

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