10 Gruesome Broken and Bloody Noses in Recent Sports Memory

by 9 years ago

Mathieu Perreault

The Capitals’ Mathieu Perreault broke his nose back in late December during a game against Carolina.

Ben Roethlisberger

Just a few weeks back Haloti Ngata smashed Big Ben's nose on a gross sack. He played through the injury.

Manu Ginobili

Dirk Nowitzki's elbow connected with Manu Ginobili nose in last year's NBA playoffs.

Charley Lynch

Charley Lynch received his mangled nose during the first episode of “The Ultimate Fighter 11.”

Steve Nash

Rather than leaving the court for reconstructive surgery during last year's playoffs, Steve Nash decided to rearrange his fractured nose on the court.

Ian Laperriere

A few years ago, Ian Laperriere bragged he broke his nose “six or seven times” during his career. You'd never be able to tell.

Rod Brind'Amour

Rod Brind'Amour suffered his fourth broken nose in 1995 after being hit by Ed Jovanovski. His response was very Bro: “I was kind of hoping the body check would straighten it out.”

Imanol Harinordoquy

Last year French Rugby star Imanol Harinordoquy broke his nose and ribs in the Heineken Cup. He played through it with this Hannibal Lecter-like mask to protect his nose from further damage. He even admitted after the match that he was lucky to not puncture a lung.

Fedor Emelianenko

Fedor Emelianenko's broken nose occurred during his heavyweight Strikeforce bout with Brett Rogers in 2009.

Chris Young

Two years ago, the Padres pitcher took a line drive to the face, shattering his nose something pretty.

Know of any others? Let us know in the comments.

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