These Are The 10 Hottest Sex Positions According To People Who Have Sex

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top 10 sex positions

YouTube - AskMen

Sex. We all love it. We all want to be better at it. Well, most of us at least. So for those of us who DO want to be better at it, we are interested in what other people think about it.

That’s where this list comes in. AskMen polled hundreds of men and women on which sex positions they feel give them the most bang for their, uh bang. Amazingly I have heard of almost of them and it would appear that none of them will result in your dick getting broken.

Spoiler list below the video for those who can’t watch right now.

10. Scissors
9. T-Position
8. Cradle
7. Spooning
6. 69
5. Ankles Above Her Head
4. Reverse Cowgirl
3. Missionary
2. Doggy Style
1. Girl on Top

For a more detailed written explanation of each position head over to and you shall find what you seek.

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