1,000 People Ate 1,000 Ghost Peppers At the Same Time, The Look On Their Faces Says It All


One-thousand people recently came together to each eat a single ghost pepper. I suppose it’s an accomplishment; a bucket list-type item that is infinitely easier to complete than, say, running a marathon. Still, though, it doesn’t look like a whole hell of a lot of fun. People are vomiting from it! That’s a serious pepper. To give you an idea of just how serious a ghost pepper is, according to the Scoville heat units chart (located under the video), it’s a shade below shooting pepper spray into your mouth. So, like…you know it’s good.

God. That did not look like my idea of a good time. If I ate one of these, I probably do the exact same thing I do when I have a painful bowel movement in a crowded public bathroom. And that’s scream, “PAIN DON’T HURT!” as loud as I can. Just kidding, I don’t shit in public.


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[H/T Uproxx]