10 Reasons Why International Television Is Superior to American Television

by 9 years ago

Last week a funny e-mail landed in the BroBible inbox illustrating just how f-ugly some American television hosts are compared to the sultry, exotic hotness of international TV hosts (business channels hosts notwithstanding). Check out the convincing pictorial argument after the jump.

Sara Varone

Italian television host



Rosie O’Donnell


Sarah Hendy

British television host



Star Jones


Ramona Cheorleu

Italian television host


Oprah Winfrey


Rashel Diaz

Latin American television host


Joy Behar


Sonia Ferrer

Spanish television host



Sherri Shepherd


Rebecca Rengifo

Latin American television host


Ellen Degeneres


Simona Ventura

Italian television host



Wendy Williams


Jenny Gomez

Latin American television host



Joan Rivers


Fei Skorda

Greek television host



Barbra Walters


Melissa Theuriau

French news anchor



Rachel Maddow

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