An Interview With Bad-Ass Mother****er Beard Man, A Chatroulette Drinking Game, and BroBible’s WingF

by 9 years ago

We’ll kick the weekend off with an epic interview with Beard Man, who became the Internet’s latest viral sensation this past week. It’s funny, but also somewhat bittersweet. The video is above. Meanwhile, after a painful winter lull at the box office, Martin Scorsese’s “Shutter Island” finally opens. It’s the fourth time Leonardo DiCaprio has collaborated with Scorsese. The reviews echo a similar sentiment: the flick is entertaining but definitely not great. It’s still Scorsese, so how can you go wrong?

Two brand new HBO comedies premiere this weekend: “The Ricky Gervais Show” tonight at 9 p.m. and “Funny or Die” tonight at midnight. We hear great things about both. Full College Hoops schedule, Olympic hockey schedule, and lots more after the jump.

It’s another Olympic weekend. In addition to the hockey on MSNBC, American Olympic smokeshow Tanith Belbin takes the ice for women’s figure skating tonight. Tomorrow, Lindsey Vonn competes in the women’s super-G. The big men’s hockey face-off is on Sunday night when Team USA takes on Team Canada. Sunday is also dedicated to more women’s figure skating, men’s giant slalom, men’s ski cross, women’s Speed Skating, and Bobsled.

Of course, the true party this weekend will be on Saturday at Brother Jimmy’s in New York City, where BroBible’s first WingFest will be a saucy beer-and-chicken eating extravaganza. Unfortunately, it’s already sold out, but you can do your own wingfest by hitting up [INSERT NAMES OF WING JOINTS]. If you’re bored this weekend or shut out of the party, you can always partake in the wonders and creepiness of the ChatRoulette phenomenon while partaking in the Original Chat Roulette drinking game:

  • If the person you are chatting with is from a foreign country, drink for 5 seconds.
  • If it is a guy whacking off, the last person to yell “creep” must drink 5 seconds. Feel free to hit next quickly for these.
  • If the person has a mask on, the last person in your group to put their thumb on the computer must drink for 5 seconds
  • If at any point there is a topl*ss chick finish your drink (feel free to do some convincing)
  • If the person asks you to show (ie. yells “b**bs” or “take it off), drink for 5 seconds. Keep track of this, if your group gets asked to show 5 times, then the last person to have committed a party foul (spilled a drink, etc.) must show something. Let the group decide what.
  • See all the deets at the group’s Facebook page

    Olympic Men’s Hockey

    Saturday, 3 p.m.: Norway vs. Switzerland (MSNBC)

    7:30 p.m.:Slovakian vs. Latvia (MSNBC)

    Sunday, 3 p.m.: Czech Republic vs. Russia (NBC)

    7 p.m.: U.S.A. vs. Canada (MSNBC)

    College Hoops

    Saturday, 12 p.m.: North Carolina at Boston College (CBS)

    12 p.m. Florida at Mississippi (CBS)

    12 p.m. Seton Hall at (8) West Virginia (ESPN)

    1 p.m. Louisiana Tech at Northeastern (ESPN2)

    2 p.m. (17) Texas at Texas Tech (ESPN)

    3 p.m. Nevada at Missouri State (ESPN2)

    4 p.m. Illinois at (4) Purdue

    6 p.m. (2) Kentucky at (19) Vanderbilt (ESPN)

    8 p.m. Charleston at George Mason (ESPN2)

    9 p.m. UCLA at Washington (ESPN)

    Sunday, 12 p.m. (3) Villanova at (21) Pittsburgh (CBS)

    7:45 p.m. Virginia Tech at (6) Duke (FOX Sports)


    Friday, 8 p.m. Mavericks at Magic (ESPN)

    10:30 p.m. Celtics at Blazers (ESPN)


    Friday, 9 p.m.: “The Ricky Gervais Show” (HBO)

    Midnight: “Funny or Die” (HBO)

    Sunday, 9 p.m. “Big Love” (HBO)

    10 p.m. “How to Make It In America” (HBO) “