Tufts Invites Applicants to Submit YouTube Videos… Are Any of You Guys One of Them?

by 9 years ago

According to the New York Times, Tufts University this year allowed high school seniors to send in video clips as part of their applications. As the Times explains, “Tufts, which, like the University of Chicago, is known for its quirky application, invited the YouTube videos. Along with the required essays, Tufts has for years offered applicants an array of optional essays — “Are we alone?” is one of this years topics — or a chance to ‘create something’ out of a sheet of paper. So it was not too far a stretch, this year, to add the option of posting a one-minute video that ‘says something about you.'”

Apparently 1,000 of 15,000 applicants sent in clips. Are any of you guys among them? If so, send us the clips. Didn’t apply to Tufts but pulled off some wild shit in your college applications this year or in years past? Let us know about it in the comments or Unleash it to the Brommunity.

A few more examples are after the jump.

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