17 Unusual Hobbies for 17 Incredibly Sexy Women

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For the most part, BroBible readers know how famous and accomplished Bros spend their free time: Jack Nicholas goes to Laker games. Bill Murray owns minor league baseball teams. Brad Pitt jet sets around the world, fostering his addiction to quality architecture and grade-A women. But what the hell do female models and movie stars do in their free time while living the fab-life, besides popping champagne, hawking perfume, doing the occasional photo shoot/movie, and shacking up with their male Hollywood peers? Over the last few days I poured through scores of interviews and gossip databases on a fact-finding mission to dig up some unusual trivia about the unique pastimes of 17 incredibly beautiful — and highly successful — ladies. Don’t expect the usual celebrity orgy of philanthropy, singing, modeling, acting, and collecting wine, real estate, or children. Instead, these hot dames spend their spare time doing everything from ping-pong to polo to race car driving, in addition to their nine-to-five careers and public personas. Some boast sexier pastimes than others (I’m looking at you, Eva Longoria Parker, Marisa Miller, and Angelina Jolie). Read on after the jump. Angelina Jolie Knife collecting [inline:angie]


Angelina Jolie’s obsession with knives has been a running tabloid gossip item for years, particularly when they were cited in her 2003 divorce from Billy Bob Thornton. She also admitted to using the daggers during roughsex acts. In 2008, Jolie even discussed purchasing knifes for her son Maddox. What else do you expect from a women who once said, “You’re young, you’re drunk, you’re in bed, you have knives; shit happens!” Check out a rare video of her showing off her butterfly knife skills like a real-life Jane Smith or Laura Croft on Conan O’Brien: Jennifer Aniston Painting [inline:anni] Before shacking up with her fellow “Friends” and embarking on an acting career, Jennifer Aniston was somewhat of an accomplished painter. At the age of 11, Aniston landed a painting in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Now the 41-year-old cougar seems to have put the brushes down in order to focus on building a world-class art collection, including her recent flaunting of a $1.2 million Robert Motherwell painting in the February 2010 issue of Architectural Digest. Anna Benson Poker [inline:anna] [inline:anna2] Anna Benson isn’t the only hot girl with a penchant for Texas Hold ‘Em. However, this steamy baseball WAG outlasted 70 percent of participants at the World Series of Poker after a fan paid her entry into the tournament in 2005. At the WSOP, she played under the alias “Gold Digger,” concealing her well-known marriage to Texas Rangers pitcher Kris Benson. The model briefly planned to launch a “Gold Digger” online poker site, but it appears to have folded. Deanna Russo Filipino martial arts, stunt driving [inline:deanna] According to an interview with Maxim in 2008, the one-time star of the “Knight Rider” re-boot briefly flirted with a stunt-driving stint during the show’s filming. The blue-eyed bad ass also told the magazine about her extensive martial arts training in doble olisi: “It’s a Filipino martial art. You have two bamboo sticks, and you can do some gnarly shit with them. You take someone out, or, if they have a gun, you can disarm them in half a second.” Kaley Cuoco Table tennis [inline:kaley] Before Kaley Cuoco landed in the pages of Maxim and landed a gig on CBS’s “The Big Bang Theory,” the ultra-hot blonde was a nationally ranked amateur tennis player in Southern California. While Cuoco’s tennis career has taken a back-court to acting, she discussed her current obsession with ping pong last year during a televised interview with Ellen. According to Cuoco, the set of “The Big Bang Theory” is furnished with three different ping-pong tables, where the cast and crew commonly play tournaments between filming. However, that wasn’t what piqued our interest. Apparently Cuoco’s technique for winning “Big Bang Theory” table tennis tournaments involves dressing in skimpy outfits in order to distract the hand-eye coordination of her male opponents. Jessica Alba Scuba diving [inline:alba] [inline:alba2] [inline:alba3] Jessica Alba proved her unabashed love of marine life this past June after pasting posters of Great White sharks around Oklahoma City. Although she was fined for vandalism, she succeeded in her goal of bringing awareness to the endangered sharks. In the meantime, Alba, a certified scuba diver, may be hottest to grace the cover of Scuba Diving magazine. The “Sin City” star first learned to scuba dive at the age of 13 while preparing to shoot Nickelodeon’s “The New Adventures of Flipper.” Alba’s sexiest — albeit sloppiest — underwater performance to date was “Into the Blue,” a 2005 aquatic odyssey that earned her Razzie nomination for worst actress. Sasha Grey Industrial metal music [inline:sasha] [inline:sasha2] Best known for her 180-some adult entertainment films, Sasha Grey’s side projects aren’t just limited to nailing smurfs or promoting animal birth control. In 2008 the skin star created an extremely avant garde industrial music project called “ATelecine.” If you’re planning on listening, don’t expect a cheery sing-a-long: the ambient, boundary-pushing music can best be described as “experiential.” Myleene Klass Astronomy [inline:myl] [inline:myl2] Smokin’ hot British-Filipino model, media personality, and reality TV star Myleene Klass briefly left the limelight to pursue a degree in planetary science and astronomy at the United Kingdom’s Open University. She’s rumored to be an avid supporter of the U.K. space program. According to her Classic FM profile, Klass’ main hobby remains stargazing when not appearing on “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.” Emma Stone Web design/HTML [inline:emma] Perhaps best know as Jules in “Superbad” and Wichita in “Zombieland,” Emma Stone earned her ticket to Hollywood at the age of 14 by using a PowerPoint presentation to convince her parents to move from Scottsdale to Los Angeles. Last year the tech-savvy starlet briefly mentioned her early interest in web design, causing the hearts of blogger everywhere to skip two beats. Katie Price Polo [inline:katie] [inline:katie2] Katie Price may be a reality TV-obsessed British model and businesswomen, but that doesn’t deter her from saddling up for a competitive polo match. Reported to be competing for a spot on the U.K.’s 2012 Olympic polo team, Price was most recently snubbed by the British press as “too chavvy” for ignoring stuffy equestrian fashion etiquette. Eva Longoria Parker Bondage [inline:eva1] [inline:eva2] When responding to Cosmopolitan magazine’s “Best Sex Ever ” survey earlier this year, the “Desperate Housewives” starlet revealed a kinky bedroom hobby: bondage. She told the magazine, “I’m not averse to being tied up with silk scarves. I like a man to take charge.” Marisa Miller Surfing [inline:miller] [inline:miller2] A coastal California girl at heart, Miller told AskMen after landing the 2008 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover that she feels “my absolute best — physically, mentally, and spiritually — when I’m surfing every day.” Kate Moss Synchronized swimming [inline:kate4] Earlier this year, Elle UK reported that Kate Moss spent a vacation in Phucket, Thailand, practicing an elaborate synchronized swimming routine. According to the report, Moss “perfected all the basic sculling moves and twirls” and even sported the traditional cap and nose plug for the water ballet, showing the final product off to supermodel friend Naomi Campbell. Jodie Kidd Race car driving [inline:jodie] In addition to being an accomplished golfer and polo player, British supermodel Jodie Kidd has a need for speed and was picked for the Maserati racing team in 2004. She won second place at the Trofeo Maserati race one year later and has participated in different rallies during the famed Gumball 3000 race across Europe. Mila Kunis World of Warcraft [inline:mila] [inline:mila2] Last fall Mila Kunis dished on Jimmy Kimmel Live that she’s “really good” at “World of Warcraft.” Complex later quizzed the spicy Ukrainian-born actress and — much to the delight of basement-dwelling RPG geeks everywhere — it appears she wasn’t making it up. Elisha Cuthbert Ice hockey [inline:elisha] [inline:elisha2] When Sean Avery was suspended in 2008 for saying other hockey players like his sloppy seconds, he was talking about his former flame, Elisha Cuthbert, who was dating Calgary Flames defenseman Dion Phaneuf. Arguably the ultimate hockey WAG, the Canadian-born Cuthbert is a regular attendee at games and was once asked to blog about the sport for the NHL. Noot Seear Chess [inline:noot] [inline:noot2] Although somewhat retired from the runway, fashion model Noot Sneer is known for her campaigns with Armani, Calvin Klein, and Yves St. Laurent The cheeky Canadian is actually an accomplished chess player who has excelled at winning speed chess tournaments in city parks.

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