Blue Mountain State’ Does Lax, Inspires Bro Debate: Football vs. Lacrosse?

by 8 years ago


Back in January BroBible interviewed the creators of “Blue Mountain State,” Spike’s latest scripted comedy about college life at a serious football school. We knew the series had promise before it premiered and, after last night’s episode, it turns out we were right. A segment of last night’s show explores a long-running campus feud between laxers and football players at Blue Mountain State. When God of Mt. BrOlympus posted the hilarious clip in the Bromunnity, we knew it was too good not to share on Buzz. The full episode will re-air this evening. Obviously lax is at the core of BroBible, so the promo strikes a nerve. Everyone knows high-profile football players get beaucoup tail, particularly if they’re a top prospect at a D-I school. Ditto to laxers at the nation’s premier colleges and universities. So BroBible wants to know which is the better on-campus college campus sport: football or lax? The video clip from BMS is after the jump. Sound Off and debate amongst yourselves in the comments.


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