Kick-Ass’ and ‘Cop-Out’ Red-Band Trailers Draw Fire Over Use of Cursing, Gun-Toting Kids

by 8 years ago


Back in December we told you about “Kick-Ass,” a new super-hero movie that’s opening April 16 and may be the biggest hit of the spring. The movie’s about a group of teenagers who decide they want to become superheroes even though they lack any special powers. From the early reports we heard late last year, the standout in a film filled with standout performances is Chloe Moretz, aka “Hit-Girl,” an 11-year-old (13 in real life) who’s got a penchant for knives and guns.

Lo and behold, today Hit-Girl is the subject of a New York Times story about so-called red-band trailers, which allow cursing and heavy violence if a viewer indicates that they’re above the age of 17. The controversy is over the fact that the actress, Moret, is, well, 11. Another example is the red-band trailer for “Cop-Out,” which we shared with you a couple weeks ago; it features a 10-year-old (presumably Tracy Morgan’s son in the movie) not only driving a car, but cursing at Morgan, kicking him in the balls, and then getting punched back in the balls. Some uptight people are getting their panties in a bunch over all these kids doing all these bad things in these red-band trailers. We think the controversy is much ado about nothing, and are happy to post both trailers after the jump. You really really have to watch the “Hit-Girl” one. It’s amazing.