The 10 Best Off-Season Baseball Beards and Facial Scrub

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According to the “Art of Shaving” handbook, the average man shaves approximately 20,000 times throughout the course of his life, barbering off-roughly 27 feet of facial hair during an estimated 139 full days of lifetime facial grooming. Baseball players, however, are a different animal when it comes to rocking a five o’clock shadow and a full chin of whiskers. After a long winter’s nap from the ball park, spring training has finally arrived, making it a perfect time to take a look at 10 of the best off-season baseball beards and facial fuzz. Read more and check out the glorious winter scruff after the jump.

Over the past few days, the eastern Pennsylvania media machine has exploded with “gee-golly-gosh” fascination over Jayson Wearth’s motley — and undeniably epic — beard. Perhaps the best viral reaction so far is the Jayson Wearth Beards Tumblr account, which Photoshops the right fielder’s face into other hairy situations. However, not everyone is rolling into camp sporting the Joaquin Phoenix look. After a rough and frustrating duck-hunting season in his native Iowa, Casey Blake shaved off one of baseball’s most beloved beards. Now a New York Yankee, Chan Ho Park’s trademark scrub may be one the endangered species list as the next Major League beard to go. One man’s loss is another man’s gain, particularly if you’re Johnny Damon. Now that he has packed his packed his bags for Detroit and, more importantly, left behind Joe Girardi’s notoriously strict clubhouse grooming standards, he has the opportunity go back to looking like his former “Teen Wolf” meets “The Dude” self. The well-verse reader may notice a couple notable exclusions from our list of bearded, he-man awesomness. For example, we heard that Jeff Marquez of the Chicago White Sox was almost unrecognizable to his teammates because of his scrappy lumberjack scruff. However, the Chicago Tribune neglected to run a picture of Marquez with their related piece, thus we couldn’t include him on the list. It should also be mentioned that quite a few of these Rick Aguilera wannabes will probably go back to shaving once they get back into the swing of the Grapefruit or Cactus league. Nonetheless, these 10 hirsute players said to hell with the clean-cut, baby-face look and threw “Art of Shaving” out the window along with their razor blades.

Joe Mauer


Melky Cabrera


Nick Markakis



Adam Dunn


Josh Kinney


Arte Moreno, Angels Owner


Jeremy Accardo



Chan Ho Park



Phil Coke



Jayson Werth



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