NSFW-ish: Chuck Liddell Works Out Naked With Hot Girlfriend (Allegedly)

by 10 years ago


We just stumbled across this video of former MMA superstar Chuck Liddell working out in the nekked at The Big Lead. “The Iceman” appears to be working out nekked with his girlfriend. We assume this will be taken down very, very fast, so we want to share it before a big controversy blows up (unless this was staged or fake). Everything is blurred out, just in case you were wondering. More to come. Update: As predicted, the video was taken down from YouTube. But guess what? We found it somewhere else! And we took screen shots! Seven in fact. Check it out after the jump.

Jimmy Kimmel’s take:

Friday update: Our friends at Cage Potato are reporting that this is actually a viral ad for Reebok ZigTechs, a new shoe line that Liddell endorses. Regardless, it’s still absurd and/or preposterous.







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