Why Should a High School Bro Attend Your College/Alma Mater?

by 8 years ago

[inline:belushi]Every day for the past couple weeks we’ve seen posts in the Brommunity from high school seniors who are already trying to figure out where they should go to college in the fall. We’re sort of a little baffled by the timing, since don’t most schools send letters of acceptance in April? But I guess there’s so much rolling admission and early action these days that many of you high school Bros are already facing one of the most important decisions in your life — or you’re just gearing up for it. The comments in some of these Brommunity posts have been decent and even informative, but we’ve got to believe there’s a better way to encourage or discourage your fellow Bros from attending a certain college.

So here’s what we’re going to do. We’d like to extend an open invitation for everyone out there to Unleash a post in the Brommunity that answers this question: Why should or shouldn’t a Bro attend your college/alma mater? We want you to be brutally honest, but we also want you to give a pretty hard sell — remember, you’re recruiting the best of the Bros to join you in your collegiate chaying.

Remember to tackle all the important factors a Bro should take into consideration when choosing a college:

  • girls
  • party and greek scene
  • sports teams and tailgate
  • the college town/city
  • weather
  • academics (quality of classes, professors, etc.)
  • and any other miscellaneous factor you think every Bro should know.

    Please title your story: Why a Bro Should Attend [FILL IN THE BLANK] so that everyone knows which stories to look at. We’ll round up our favorites each week and promote them on the Buzz.

    One last thing, don’t answer this question in the Comments. Unleash a post in the Brommunity!

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