11 Dont’s When Having Sex, According To Someone Who Has Sex For A Living

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Tasha Reign

I prefer to stay positive and uplifting regarding your sexuality, we suppress it too much as a society and we also sensationalize it too much, but…here are some HARD NO’S for my bros when it comes to intercourse.

• Don’t cum on anyones face without permission before hand… because you saw Vin Diesel steal a race a car in Fast and the Furious doesn’t mean you can.

• Don’t go number 2 and not baby wipe yourself or shower- TMI? I know that’s a weird one, that you “never do” but I think cleanliness is next to godliness and honestly it’s easy to forget hygiene when you are excited about other things!

• Don’t pull her hair and spank her without consent- Please! Consent is kind of my only go to advice when it comes to sex- it’s the most important thing in life in order to sustain respect.

• Never film her without asking- not that you would but maybe this will prevent the creep in you…. I can’t tell you how passionate I am about that subject. Just don’t do it. DUH.

• Please avoid rushing through foreplay, unless thats what she wants of course- I mean you know the drill but foreplay
makes me cum harder when I orgasm and I can relive the fantasy in my mind, trust me, its hot, take your time and you will feel more appreciated after.

• NEVER EVER ASK for head if you are not willing to reciprocate, thats my biggest pet peeve. I have had entitled men think this is “normal”, they could not be farther from the truth.

• Never try to force her to “Raw dog” it and not wear a condom, I hear so many horror stories about this from friends, it literally blows my mind!

• Try not to fuck her friends, I have made this mistake, it goes for both sexes 🙂 It’s mean and disrespectful and my freshman boyfriend at UCLA called me a “trick” because I made out with his roommate after I broke up with him. The end.

• Do not tell her you love her just so that you can have sex with her, I promise that is not necessary and you will be happier you didn’t lie about that one.

• Avoid pointing out her flaws or non-sexy features and traits before or even remotely close to the time period you want to fuck.

• Try not brag to all your buddies about how far you got with her and what you did, etc, especially on campus or in a small circle that will get back to her…not nice. Be nice.

I hope you enjoyed my little rant, I also hope your Summer is awesome and you’re having a blast! AVN tickets are now on sale! Check out this link and join me and all my friends!

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