This Week’s BroBible Top 5 Hottie Index is Having a Lot of Sex

by 8 years ago

The BroBible Top 5 Hottie Index returns today — as it does every Friday — with babes who have been making waves in the news and tabloids this past week. Today, I am pinch hitting for Mr. T as he is currently busy binge drinking and enjoying his snow day (actually, he’s stuck somewhere between O’Hare and travel purgatory). Prick. Anyway, the hot boxes below all made this list for various reasons but there is definitely a glaring theme of sex this week. But isn’t there always with us? All men love sex. Even you virgins out there, you love sex, too, you just don’t know it yet.


5. Rozlyn Papa

Who the f*ck is this floozy? you ask. Well, bros, she is on “The Bachelor” and while none of you should ever watch that abomination of a show, she is making the list because ‘ole Rozy has herself a filthy sex tape and at BroBible we don’t chastise hoes, we cherish them. Giddy up!


4. Heidi Northcott

You may not recognize her at this angle — or clothed for that matter — but she was Chuck Liddell’s leading lady in his latest workout video. You remember, the one where Chuck risked a staff infection for some publicity. Well, regardless of their tawdry publicity stunt, any broad willing to flop her tits around on camera for her man is fine by us.


3. Hannah Storm

She’s not the hottest chick in the world and high definition certainly isn’t her favorite technological advancement, but most of us would toss her a dick so we’re putting her on the list. After all, Tony Kornheiser basically said she dresses like a sl*t and we encourage that type of behavior from female newscasters.


2. Padma Lakshmi

This one is a stretch on this week’s apparent “sex theme” but a few days ago a gorgeous child popped out of this beauty’s vag*na solidifying that the “Top Chef” host has, in fact, had sex before. Congrats to you, name I can’t pronounce.


1. Hilary Duff

After accepting her million-dollar engagement ring (excuse me while I go purge), Lizzie McGuire blew her fiance and Bro of the Week Mike Comrie, in public. Hands down the best thing she’s ever done with her mouth or on film. “


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