The 10 Things We Learned About Sex Addiction From Steve Phillips

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This afternoon Mike Francesa is interviewing disgraced former ESPN baseball analyst and Mets general manager Steve Phillips, who confessed to being a sexoholic during the gushy tell-all. You’ll recall Phillips became a tabloid sensation after he was fired from ESPN last October when his 22 year old mistress and fellow ESPN co-worker, Brooke Hundley, began to contact his wife. According to the New York Post, Phillips told WFAN, “I had some issues I needed to address, and I had been looking at counseling, (going to) meetings, doing some of the things I needed to do to get my life turned around.” During the lengthy interview, Phillips talks extensively about being “powerless” over his sex addiction, just like Tiger Woods. Speaking of Woods, Phillips received 45-days of treatment in the same Mississippi sex addiction center as Woods. He didn’t say whether or not they became chummy, rubbed elbows in the cafeteria line, or flirted with the house keepers. However, Phillips did say that the golfer did a good job apologizing and elaborated extensively about the regimented program, mentioning that there are other celebrities at the confidential facility. Links to the interview after the jump. In the meantime, we posted ten things we learned about sex addiction from Steve Phillips.

Steve Phillips interview with Mike Francesa part one

Steve Phillips interview with Mike Francesa part two

  • Steve Phillips would still get sex addiction treatment even if he was single.
  • Phillips admitted to being a sex addict when with the Mets. He said, “I did not get diagnosed properly with the Mets in the 1990s,” and added, “I knew I was lost again, I knew I had problems, I knew I needed to get help for it.”
  • Sex addiction meetings can be found “all over the place.”
  • Sex addiction is “trauma based.”
  • “Over 50% of junior high students are looking at adult entertainmentography while doing their homework.”
  • Sex therapy is allegedly like “Ray Lewis pummeling your wife into the ground.” (Thanks @JimmyTraina)
  • Phillips plans to go back to being a baseball analyst.
  • Phillips can’t say whether or not Wilt Chamberlain, who claimed to sleep with 20,000 women, was a sex addict.
  • “Sex addiction in its infancy” and is “just starting to be diagnosed.” Really?
  • Airing a radio commercial for a middle age “sexual performance enhancer” called “The Boston Method” is a hilarious (or ingenious) WFAN programing fail during a semi-serious interview with a sex addict. “


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