OK Go’s Newest Video, Plus 10 More Amazing Rube Goldberg Videos

by 9 years ago

Back in January, when OK Go released its new album, we rounded up the band’s eight greatest music videos. Now, we can add #9 to that list. As Jimmy Traina posted in today’s PM Hot Clicks, the latest OK Go spectacular is for their new single “This Too Shall Pass.” It’s a video built around an elaborate Rube Goldberg, and although we spotted one sneaky camera cut/swap, it’s an incredibly impressive thing to watch. The video is above, but, inspired, we went looking for more amazing Rube Goldberg videos. By the way, Rube Goldbergs are “a deliberately over-engineered machine that performs a very simple task in a very complex fashion, usually including a chain reaction,” according to Wikipedia. The famous Honda “Cog” commercial is of course among our collection, as well as Ramen noodle- and Cadbury egg-themed Rubes, and the “MythBuster” guys having some holiday fun. Check out 10 of our favorite Rube Goldberg videos after the jump.

The famous Honda “Cog” commercial:

This one’s really homemade:

The Japanese make ramen:

The MythBusters have some holiday fun:

This one will help you crush a Cadbury egg:

“The Way Things Go” involves fire:

These guys were really bored at work:

The 2007 Rube Goldberg competition at Purdue:

A collection of mini Rubes from the guys over at Break:

Not exactly a Rube Goldberg, but it’s a cool use of pool tables and dominoes:

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