Nina Hartley Explains Why It’s Less Safe for Porn Stars to Use Condoms

by 9 years ago

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Yesterday in my interview with adult entertainment star-turned-sex educator Nina Hartley, the issue of the use of condoms in adult entertainment was broached, and Nina’s answers sparked some head scratching in the community. Here’s part of what she said: “Due to the nature of adult entertainment sex as opposed to civilian sex, condoms make our job harder and put us at greater risk.” Some commenters wondered how wearing a condom would put a adult entertainment start at greater risk, so we asked Nina to elaborate. Check out her explanation after the jump…

While it seems counter intuitive to say that using condoms on camera increases our risk, it remains true. First, adult entertainment sex lasts 40 to 60 minutes. In real life intercourse usually lasts under 10 minutes. Even with the use of lube eventually there is “condom wear” or “condom burn” for the woman. This can create micro abrasions in the vag*na or anal canal, exposing her to potential pathogens. Intact skin is the best first line of defense. Even frequent changes of condom don’t change this fact. If the guy is exceptionally well-endowed the problem only gets worse.

Since condoms decrease sensation in the man, both partners must work harder to maintain his erection, adding yet another layer of difficulty to an already difficult day. Keep in mind we’re working uphill against heat, cold, late hours, partners toward whom we have little or no attraction, uncomfortable furniture or positions, etc.

The primary reason civilians need condoms is to prevent HIV and pregnancy. In adult entertainment we don’t ejaculate internally, so those concerns are mitigated. Most women are on birth control and HIV is killed upon exposure to oxygen. The much-maligned “pop shot” actually has saved many, many lives, as it turns out.

Condoms don’t protect against chlamydia, herpes, HPV (genital warts) or MRSA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus).

To top it off, all performers get tested every 28 days for HIV, chlamydia, and gonorrhea. So, we’re tested regularly and the guys don’t come in the women, except for specialty “cream pie” videos. Civilians don’t usually have the resources to be tested regularly, especially if they’re having se with people they’ve just only met.

So, enjoy the movies but take necessary steps to protect your health. It’s your responsibility to do so.