BroBible Heads to Mexico to Taste Jose Cuervo’s Newest Tequila

by 9 years ago


It’s the first week of March, meaning college bros around the country have that looming tickle of anticipation in their nut sacks as they finish up midterms and quickly approach the time of year where dreams come true, inhibitions are an after thought, and dignities are shattered. The time of year that all younger bros dream about and older bros reminisce about until the day they die. It can be summed up by two words that roll off the tongue like vomit after a Vegas bender: SPRIINNNGG BREEEAAAKK!!!

Like a right of passage, almost all bros will spend at least one of their four (or five depending on how much they like to rock the party) hedonistic interludes in the glorious land of tacos, ponchos, Jets rookie quarterbacks, and, most importantly, tequila. Of course, we can only be talking about Mexico and whether Cabo, Cancun, Acapulco, Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, or another destination is your chosen Mexican beach town of sin, the only thing that’s as certain your eventual demise is that you’ll be consuming considerable amounts of tequila. That’s why it was titillatingly convenient that the folks at Jose Cuervo invited BroBible down to Mexico for the launch of their limited edition 2010 Reserva de Familia tequila.

For the rest of the week, we’ll be crushing Guadalajara’s nightlife, visiting Jose Cuervo’s distillery, frolicking in the agave fields, and learning the ins and outs of making, tasting, and drinking tequila. We’ll be Tweeting and posting all the way through, so our BroBible spring breakers are prepared for the tequila-induced debauchery that awaits them and the rest of you learn why this sweet nectar should be in your rotation.

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