American Apparel Crowns ‘Best Bottom’ Contest Winner

by 9 years ago

[inline:boom2]A month ago, we told you about American Apparel’s “Best Bottom” contest, and shared photos of some of the early front-runners. The voting is now over, and we gather that the top vote getter, a young lady from Santo Domingo who dubs herself (or maybe her ass) “Boom Boom” will soon be revealed as the winner. The big, full photo of Boom Boom is after the jump, along with the next top 20 runners up. Let us know who your favorite is in the Comments!


Boom Boom, Santo Domingo


Maria, Austin


Mira, Chicago


Stepho, Los Angeles


Donk, Van City


American Honey, Baltimore

[inline:lub a]

Luba, Barcelona


Cherry, Toronto


Alabaa, Toronto


Heidi, Brooklyn


Cutie, Costa Mesa


Gee Booty, Memphis


So Yummy, Costa Mesa


Karina’s Reflection, San Francisco


Ash, London


Eden, Sydney


LDEEB, Montreal


Sparkles, Daytona Beach


Jessica, Charleston


Strawberry, Oxford “