Smokin’ Hot Cigar Girls, 10 NFL Combine Surprises, 25 Uses for Beer Cans, and Chad Ochocinco Runs Na

by 9 years ago


  • There’s nothing like a good cigar. Here’s a gallery of over 20 girls smokin’ stogies. [COED]
  • Marisol Gonzalez-shows off her sexy World Cup countdown. [
  • Happy 28th birthday Jessica Biel. [MoonDog Sports]
  • I wonder if she was an entry in the American Apparel contest. [Double Viking]
  • These Ukrainian protesters are dressed like freak shows, yet surprisingly hot. [The Chive]
  • Hot damn! It’s Elle Macpherson. [Don Chavez]
  • If you fill out Playboy’s “NCDD” March Maddness bracket, you can win a trip to a Playboy photo shoot. Link NSFW. [Playboy]
  • Photos from a nekked body painting party. [Village Voice]
  • Christina Hendricks looking fine as always. [Big Smudge]
  • A spandex gallery, if you’re into that. [Caveman Circus]
  • Rosie Huntington Whiteley is hot. [NextRound]
  • Jessica Stroup is a Lakers fan. [Epic Carnival]
  • Krystal Rae is your lender of last resort at the Spank Bank. [Gorilla Mask


  • Top 10 surprises of the NFL combine. [Bleacher Report]
  • Tony Romo passes on Jessica Simpson and her “sexual napalm.” [With Leather]
  • Ryan Miller cheered, Sidney Crosby booed in Pittsburgh. [Guyism]
  • In order to get people to games, the disgraced New Jersey Nets are offering to do people’s taxes. Yikes. That’s pretty bad when the game itself and hot girls don’t work. [Unathletic]

    News and Notable

  • Joan Rivers went on Howard Stern today and told a story about when a man she went on a date with dropped dead mid-date. [Eater]
  • A massive flight attendant prostitution ring was busted in India. [Regretful Morning]
  • An Alice and Wonderland review. [Bullz Eye]
  • How novel. Quick Car Flirting helps you pick up the girl who pulled up next to you at a red light. [Quick Car Flirting]

    Funny, Random, Etc.

  • 25 creative uses for old beer cans. [Holy Taco]
  • 20 ways to outsmart a ninja. [Linkiest]
  • 10 masturbatory situations. [College Humor]
  • The funniest guitar-playin’ faces of all time. [Uncoached]
  • 5 best hoarders moments. [Heavy]
  • How the movie studios got their logos. Asylum]
  • 12 awesome ice sculptures. [Maxim]
  • A round-up of all the times “I’m a God” was said in a movie. [Unreality]
  • “How to Make It In America” simplified. [The Daily What]
  • 11 worst dates ever. [11 Points]
  • How to drift an Audi A4 on ice. Complex]

    This is interesting. So apparently Chad Ochocinco works out nekked just like Chuck Liddell. We assume this is another absurd and ridiculous Reebok ad. Watch the video after the jump, if you feel so inclined.