Real-Life German Poker Tournament Heist Sounds Awfully Like ‘The Sopranos’

by 9 years ago


Earlier today six robbers armed with automatic weapons, machetes, and hand grenades stormed downtown Berlin’s Grand Hyatt hotel, where a European Poker Tour tournament with a $1.36 million jackpot was taking place. According to the Associated Press, injuries occurred during the ensuing chaotic hysteria in the luxury hotel. Early reports are relatively mum and there’s no word on whether or not the disguised bandits reportedly made away with the entire kitty. Incredibly enough, video footage of the incident was recorded by Poker Stars. Check out pics and watch the beginning of the daring heist after the jump.




I’m no criminal investigator, but this bold mid-afternoon heist appears to be ripped straight from the playbook of “The Sopranos.” After all, Tony Soprano earned his mobster cajoles and became a made man by cleanly holding up an executive high stakes poker game with Silvio Dante and Jackie Aprile, Sr. Jackie Jr., Aprile ‘s son and Meadow Soprano’s sweetheart, tried to pull off a similar stick-up, but failed miserably by killing the dealer. Spoiler alert: He’s wacked by Vito for the stunt toward the end of season three.

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