12 Ways to Rock Her World – And Your Sex Life, By Adult Film Star Tasha Reign

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And now, as promised, 12 ways to rock her world in bed:

Boss her around. Watch some of James Deen’s sex scenes to get an idea of what I mean. One of the most common questions I am asked by random girls I meet is “what’s it like to work with James Deen?” They fantasize their boyfriend / husband will fuck them the same way.

Before you ejaculate, ask her where she would like you to deposit your load. Let her lead the way and follow her direction.

Use whatever Jedi mind tricks you can to keep from blowing your load right away every time. Sometimes it’s hot and flattering to cum as soon as you enter her – it’s like you just couldn’t control yourself because she is SOOOO hot. But for the most part, take your time and show her that you want HER to get off, too. You aren’t having sex just to pleasure yourself.

Invite her to shower with you, or surprise her by jumping in the shower with her. It’s a fun way to bond while you’re getting ready for the family barbeque, wedding, or bar mitzvah you have to go to. Wet, naked, soapy time almost always leads to greater things!

Ask her what her fantasies are. If she isn’t sure, lead her by saying things like, “have you ever wanted to do it on the kitchen counter, in a public place, on hood of your car, on the washing machine” or be even more specific, “how do you feel about incorporating dessert foods, have you ever squirted, “how do you feel about anal sex, oral sex, tantric sex, bondage, etc.?” Encourage her to tell you everything she dreams about.

Oral sex. Every now and again make it a point to please her orally, asking for NOTHING In return. Tell her it’s her day. Go down on her, lick her everywhere and suck on her clitoris. When she’s thoroughly wet and writhing, insert a finger, then two. Tell her she tastes delicious. All of these compliments will make her more secure about it over time. The more she relaxes into your mouth, the better and harder her orgasms will be, and she will never, ever forget you.

Kiss her while you are fucking her. Kiss her hard. Kiss her slowly. Kiss her passionately. DO use your tongue. DO NOT slobber on her.

Spanking, light hair pulling, opening up her legs from behind, and light choking if you are getting a little playful, are all very sexy! Just make sure you’ve discussed it, and she isn’t vehemently opposed… and don’t ever hurt her. There’s a difference between hot, controlled aggression and actually injuring or scaring her.

Aggression: the ONLY place I ever want a man to be aggressive with me is the bedroom when I want to get fucked. Make sure she’s into it; don’t be extreme on a first time romp. Vibe out her style but always take the lead.

Comfortable and fun positions, like doggy, missionary, and spooning are all warm and welcoming. They take the pressure off the woman so she doesn’t have to ride or work hard for you, and after all she is taking the D right?

Keep it sexy. Until you get to know her well or have discussed it, do not bring your favorite adult movie or scene into the bedroom. Unless she’s said she loves it and she wants to watch a movie with you, that’s alone time for you; sex is together time. Get in the moment, be into your partner, and go to town. Make her feel like there is no one SEXIER and more BEAUTIFUL then her!!!

Don’t pressure her to have anal sex. But in my next article, I will give you some ideas about how to manifest this and make her love it.


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