12-Year-Old Bro ‘Accidentally’ Bought His Middle School Teacher An Extremely Seductive Gift

by 4 years ago

Playas gonna play and shit, YA HEARD?!? And this 12-year-old Bro is coming in hot as the number one playa in his middle school class. How did he do that, you ask? By buying his teacher a sexy red thong that was disguised as a rose, of course.

Naturally, everyone is saying that this gift was an “accident,” including the teacher’s husband — who should know better; shame on him — but we’re all adults here and we all know that you don’t swing your local florist and “accidentally” walk out with a rose that is actually a sexy red thong bunched up in disguise. I don’t even know where a 12-year-old would go to procure such an item (See: The Internet), but I know damn well that this wasn’t an accident.

Bottom line: This kid is going places.

[H/T Metro]

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