Dr. Dre Drops ‘Detox’ With Jay-Z and In and Out Burger Coming to NYC

by 9 years ago

  • Steve Lavin’s wife ain’t no joke. She’s hot! [Bleacher Report]
  • This is a disgusting display of athletic awesomeness: “Lineman to pull a truck across football field on Pro Day.” [Bleacher Report]
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  • Fox is developing a movie on the E-trade baby. [Dealbreaker]
  • No, seriously. The E-trade baby movie is really happening. It’s going to be the “Look Who’s Talking” of the modern era. [Filmdrunk]
  • In and Out Burger coming to New York City! [The Daily What]
  • After a decade in the making, Dr. Dre finally drops the first track on his long waited “Detox” album. [Complex]
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  • Jimmy Trania Tweet of the day: “I can’t figure out which site has the dumber, unfunnier April Fool’s “prank” going on: Funny or Die or College Humor?”
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