Eight Impressive Performances At SXSW 2010

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If you’ve never been to SXSW, you need to do yourself a favor next March and buy a plane ticket or make the roadtrip to Austin. The annual festival is part film, part interactive, and part music festival. Overall it’s really just a big networking event for music and entertainment industry people. The music portion, which was the only part that I cared about, ended up being 6 straight days of good music and debauchery that I still haven’t fully recovered from. By far one of the best weeks of my life.


The best part about SXSW is that it’s not like all the other big music festivals where you are forced to buy a ridiculously expensive wristband just to get in, then dish out plenty of more money for everything else. At SXSW you can pick and choose from 1000’s of artists and over 50 venues based on the bands playing and what kind of freebies they are giving out. All you have to do is RSVP online. Lots of the day parties are sponsored by beer companies who provide free kegs, so a couple of days I was hammered by five in the afternoon. As far as the artists go, many of them are unknown and come to get more exposure or even a record deal. This makes it better because they are hungry to put on a good show and interact and have a beer with their fans afterwards.  Headlining artists still come, but those shows are harder to get into if you don’t have a badge or wristband. The only show we ended up paying the bouncer for was Pretty Lights for $10. Money well spent. My friends were were blown away when they heard them. After the jump are a few of the other acts that killed it and stuck out in my mind.


Rockwell Knuckles

Notes: Won St. Louis idol and will probably blow up. He told me the Glow is going to be sick.



Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y

Notes: The last time I’m ever gonna see either of them for free.




Charles Hamilton

Notes: This is his most popular song so far.



El Ten Eleven 

Notes: Two man band from SoCal that were really cool dudes…



Bad Rabbits

Notes: They received much more love from the crowd than the established acts that went on after.



Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears

Notes: Really fun, soulful show.



Minus the Bear

Notes: Saw them at Lance Armstrong’s bike shop. They just got signed by Dangerbird Records.



Pretty Lights

Notes: I wish I could make the show in NYC in June



Pic via COED Magazine’s awesome SXSW gallery

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