GALLERY: From Diddy’s Toothpick to Jack’s Shades, 50 Classic Celebrity Signature Items

by 9 years ago

Stars from Hollywood and professional sports are largely responsible for shaping our country’s culture. They offer us not only gross amounts of entertainment but they are also the poster boys and girls for the latest fashion, lingo, drug, and adultery excuse trends. Paparazzi anal probes notwithstanding, most of us envy the lifestyles of the rich and famous. And sometimes we mimic it by wearing items we have seen our favorite athletes or actresses wear. Sometimes, though, certain stars become synonymous with items they always wear, carry, or consume. These items can be as simple as sunglasses or as complex as an entire pimp suit fully equipped with baby powder and platform shoes.


After the jump are 50 famous people who have had signature items that they became known for wearing, even if some of them have given them up by now.


To check out the full gallery, click on Lance Armstrong or any other photo, and then browse through all 50 items by clicking the photos or “next/previous” or by using your keyboard arrows…